Making an Acquaintance

Suited in a pressure suit and holding his helmet and whistling merry melody Peter walks over the parking lot to the vehicle he is appointed to drive today. He is already awaited by a small group of people lively chatting.

– Peter Ozolins? – a woman previously standing in front of others and explaining something turns her attention towards him.

– The same! – Peter responds.

– We are your cargo today. Dr Margarete Karenbauer! – She introduces herself and shake a hand, then briefly introduce with the rest of the team of researchers going to a field trip to collect soil samples.

When evening dusk sets they are heading back. This time vehicle is driven by Emanuel, member of the science team, while Peter sits in passenger cabin next to Margarete.

– What question are you looking answer to? –

– Where have we come from? – Margarete routinely replies with an introductory question of her lesson at the University. Noticing the expression of genuine interest in conversation partner’s face that hasn’t change, she continued:

– We are searching for signs of life. If we find them and there used to have a life at some point in the past, is it similar to life on Earth or different? That could lead to a conclusion about whether they have a common source somewhere in the Universe or life on each planet has originated independently. –

– Have you found anything? –

– Not yet, but we are working just four years here. –

– You have a fascinating grey matter! –

– Thank you for a compliment! – Margaret reply smiling and blushing.

– As it is already quite late, I am staying in this town overnight. Would you be interested in an evening walk and dinner with me? –

– Yes, that would be nice! –

– Alright! I will send you the coordinates of my hotel and let’s arrange a meeting, OK?

This story is a part of my new novel which will be available staring with next Martian New Year. I would appreciate feedback very much!

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